NBA Elite 11

NBA Elite 11 1.0.1

Play pro basketball on your iPhone


  • Stunning graphics and player animation
  • Three game modes
  • Roster editor
  • Straightforward controls
  • Official rosters


  • Defending is quite difficult


NBA Elite 11 is the most realistic iPhone basketball simulation to-date. The follow-up to EA's NBA Live 10, the game combines official teams and rosters with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay.

There are four different game modes in NBA Elite 11. You can choose to play an exhibition game, full season, playoffs, or take on the challenge of a three-point shootout. There's also a training mode that helps you get to grips with the game controls.

Speaking of controls, NBA Elite 11 is incredibly simple to play. Hold the left of the screen move your finger around the on-screen joypad to move your players. There are just two buttons which are used for shooting and passing in attack mode, and blocking and stealing when defending. Penalty shots are taken by tilting the iPhone backwards and forwards.

Although the controls are simple, this doesn't mean NBA Elite 11 is easy. You'll need to judge the timing of shots and slam dunks, jump at the right time to block, and be aware of which teammates are free and which are not. Defending is particularly difficult even on rookie mode, and it's very difficult to make a steal from the opposition.

Graphically, NBA Elite 11 is one of the most impressive sports games available for iOS. The player animation is smooth and lifelike, and player likenesses are much improved on NBA Live 10. Watching replays in NBA Elite 11 is especially jaw-dropping, and gives you a real sense of the attention to detail that's gone into this game.

Other options in NBA Elite 11 include a roster editor, the ability to download new rosters, three camera angles, and unlockable legends.

NBA Elite 11 is the best basketball game available for the iOS platform, and a must for all hoops fans.

NBA Elite 11


NBA Elite 11 1.0.1

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